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I may over-critique my work, as I'm sure most artist do.
My best pieces are artworks that I have enhanced at least
twice. I may finish a drawing within a few hours or I may spend a number of days on a single piece. of course, if you love to draw and paint, you brush up on your art and try to make it a little better. The mystery & detective storytelling has always been a favorite of mine. My popularity began with creating an imagery of characters from a mystery genre.  Time after time, my name comes up quite often in search of a particular detective wearing a deerstalker cap.

At a youthful age, I discovered comic book characters that grew up alongside me.
Artist draw on their predecessors in ways that make each work a very personal history of art. They build on the works of the past, either inspired by or reacting against them, but always challenging them with their new creations.
One of my early influences was Thomas P. Gill, an American comic book artist,
best known for his nearly 11-year run drawings of The Lone Ranger. 

My tutor and mentor was my father. He fueled a desire to pursue an occupation as an artist. I majored in Advertising as well as minored
in Fine Art at the University of Memphis. I began my long artistic
career in graphic design and screen printing.

In 1978, I went into business for himself as a retail entrepreneur. After retiring and no longer occupied with one's customary business, I became  a full-time illustrator while working out of my home studio. Nowadays I've focused on a new and challenging role to play.

I truly believe anyone can learn how to paint if they give themselves a chance. When I paint it is like going on an adventure.

Art affects us. Each brush stroke on a blank canvas helps show the world as seen through an artist's eyes.
Paintings are a mysterious journey that we never know quite where it will take us.
It could be a Byzantine Icon, a Norman Rockwell illustration, or the cover of a comic book.

I hope my own passion for art is contagious. I want to take artwork into the community so, that everyone can enjoy it as much as I enjoy it, for them to view my creative side. It's like an adult version of "Show and Tell." 

Art speaks where the written word fails.
Discover " Art Suitable for Framing" on the internet at
16 X 20 prints sold at

Commissions available upon request.

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Peter Melonas
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United States
Artist for Hire: One picture is worth a thousand words.
Each brush stroke on a blank canvas helps show the world through an artist's eyes. Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. At a youthful age, I discovered comic book characters that grew up alongside me. I've a strong liking for the classic action / adventure heroes, who protects good from the evil schemes of villainy. I owe a debt to the pulp heroes of a bygone era including the Shadow and the Lone Ranger. It was the appeal of strikingly rendered graphic images in book fiction such as The Three Musketeers, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes titles and many others had an immediate and pleasurable visual influence. I take time out reminscing about the characters of the past. There are many illustrations seen and the stories are briskly told that often add new insight to familiar tales.

Art comes in all shapes, sizes and colors - you know it's good if you can't stop staring!
So I invite you to share these deviations with a friend and fans of all ages.


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